Are you ready for fiber?

We are currently accepting pre-registrations to help determine the construction schedule.

How can I get fiber sooner?

Over the next three years, a fiber optic network will be built throughout Providence and every resident will receive a baseline internet connection for $10 as part of their monthly utility bill. The construction schedule is being prioritized based on which residents are interested in service tiers above the baseline 5 Mbps. By pre-registering on this site, you'll commit to subscribing to internet above the baseline service, when fiber is eventually connected to your location. Faster speed tiers will include 250 Mbps for approximately $65/month and 1,000 Mbps for approximately $75/month. These rates may vary, depending on the internet service provider you choose. The areas in Providence where demand for fast internet is the highest will be prioritized in the construction plans. Search for your address to get started!  

What's the big deal about fiber?

Internet delivered over fiber optic lines is capable of some of the fastest speeds in the world. With faster internet speeds, your internet experience will be more responsive and productive. No more buffering or slow downloads. This is particularly helpful for homes or businesses with heavy usage, or lots of connected devices. If that sounds like you, enter your address above to register your interest and be informed when fiber is coming to your area.